Fulinfang platform supply multiple services for your business. Our professional team will help you all the way from application to customer service. Expand your business to International market through Fulinfang from today!

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Join Guide

To join Fulinfang platform and open your own shop, you could be...

1.    Brand

       We welcome brand companies from UK or any other European countries, no matter small or famous.

       Our platform will always support and help brand companies to develop and maintain their interest and culture.

2.    Products

       We welcome products that are good-qualited, special, or suits the market.


3.   e-Commerce

      We welcome e-Commerce companies to join and expand your business. We would like to share your products or professional services with our customers. 

This criterion apply to all sellers in expect of all virtual business services, including but not limited to traveling, hotels, tickets, charging, lottery.


1  The open platform has not authorized any institution to investment attracting agency services. The entering processes and the charging standards will subject to our open platform official investment pages.

2 The open platform have the right to send back sellers’ applications according to but not limit to brand demands, company management conditions, service levels and other factors.

1.3  The open platform have the right to ask sellers to provide other qualifications after entering or follow-up operation process.

4  The open platform combining each industry development trends, nation policies and consumer needs will update the investment criterion aperiodically.

5  The information that sellers provide must be real and authentic.

5.1 Please make sure that the relevant qualifications applying for entering and follow-up operation is authentic, integrity and validity(if the relevant qualifications are provided by a third party, including but not limit to trademark registration certification, warrant, etc, please make sure the documents are authentic, integrity and validity in advance.). Once the false qualifications are found out, the open platform have the right to terminate the cooperation with the seller and conduct the deposition according to our regulations and signed agreements.

5.2 Sellers should truthfully provide the shop operation subjects and relevant things, including but not limit to information of the actual shop subjects, agent operation company, etc.

5.3 The change of information have to abide by the regulations. If the sellers need to change the information listed in 1.5.2, the sellers have to inform the platform in written form 10 days earlier. If fail to do so, the open platform will conduct the deposition according to the regulations.

6 The open platform do not accept the entering applications of individual business and non European registered companies now. All sellers must be official registered company.

7 The open platform do not accept entering applications of any brands that do not have the trademark registration certifications or trademark receipt notice from State Trademark Bureau or any pure figure trademark. The trademark receipt notice provided by the sellers should be 6 months old.

8 Store service period is 12 months from the day your store opened. For renewal your store, you must notice us of any changes 30 days before your service period is end.

Effective date: 01.07.2016

To join is simple. You don't need to do any tedious work as we will do them for you. What you need to do is below.

(1) Register an account on using your email address.

(2) Click I want to Join to apply for a store.

(3) Agree to our Terms and Conditions and fill in your company/business information.

(4) Wait for audit. 

(5) Store opened.

You can also choose our multiple services for your store as we provide:

a. Shipping

We have a shipping line that could take the products directly at your company or factory and ship to our storehouse in China. Our workers will help to deliver the goods once the customer ordered them. The other way is to ship the orders directly from your company or factory to the customers.

b. Translation

Our professional translators can help to translate your products information into local Chinese.

c. Design

Our designer can help you to design your Fulinfang store and the product pages in a very low price, or simply help to copy your original design to free.

d. Marketing

We will make a video about your products and post it on video websites and social medias mentioned above. Each of our videos could receive over 300k views. Moreover, with our knowledge of Chinese market, we could help help to plan marketing strategies for your products.


e. Advertisements

We are friend with many Chinese celebrities and advertisement companies. Depends on the marketing strategies, we could help you to put advertisements on Internet or TV.

f. Customer Service

Our platform provides basic customer services to help answer the questions from customers and guide them through shopping, so you don’t need to worry about the language barrier. Although we may need advice for detail information of your products.

g. Legal Advice

If you have any legal questions, feel free to consult our Chinese lawyer. 

If there are any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us at or

Selling fees include referral fees and one-time deposit fees.
Referral Fees: There are no upfront costs for selling on Sellers only pay a referral fee on each item sold. 
Deposit Fees: A one-time, fully refundable collateral to guarantee the authenticity of your products.

(Referral and deposit fees vary by category.)

To use more of our services, we charge as below.

a. Marketing. Fulinfang provides You a FREE marketing activity in China within a month after You first completed registration and started to sell Your Services on Fulinfang Sites. If You choose to use this service, You must provide and authorize Fulinfang to use Your company’s Logos, images, and other necessary information for the marketing activity. The activity will be planned and carried out by Us, and we do not promise any result of our marketing activity. To choose this service, You must agree that You would only use Fulinfang Sites to sell Your Services to China for 1 year, otherwise You must pay Us the marketing fee ₤10,000.
b. Translation. Fulinfang provides You FREE translation services for less then 2,000 words. We charge ₤10 each 1,000 words when it exceed 2,000 words.
c. Design. We provide FREE composition for your Fulinfang Webstore when You give Us your designed pictures. To design brand new pictures for Your Services, We charge ₤35 each page.
d. Advertisement. We could introduce You Chinese advertisements companies, and charge You as the actual spending of your commercial advertisement.
e. Customer Service. We provide basic customer services for FREE. However, we may need your coordination when it comes to specific information regarding to Your Services.
f. Legal Advice. Fulinfang provides you Chinese legal advice, and charge you the actual charge by Chinese lawyers.

You could always contact us for any disputes or questions at or